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The Blues was love at first sight for me. I was 12 years old, in a movie theater watching a movie full of car crashes and music - "The Blues Brothers". There was so much great music there, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles...but what got me the most was a guy sitting outdoors in a street market playing a song called "Boom boom". Today I know that was John Lee Hooker, backed by Muddy Waters' band and the legendary Big Walter Horton on harmonica. Back then all I knew was that this music was the best thing I'd ever heard, that this was what I wanted more than anything in the world. I went right out and got the  soundtrack record, my big sister hipped me to her one  Hooker record, some Otis Redding and Allman Brothers recordings and I was on my way. I learned to play bass as a way to get into bands in high school, and in while serving in the army I learned you can make the ultimate Blues sound with a little pocket-sized piece of magic - and the harmonica hooked me to the Blues for life. I have played it on street corners and beaches, in bars, concert halls and on festival stages, alone, with my band or behind some of my musical heroes, and whenever I sing or play the Blues I always pour 100 percent of my passion and love into it.

Some History...

Photo by Tomer Shinfeld

Bands I have led (and recorded with):

 - The Daily Blues (1997-2000)

 - CG & The Hammer (2000-2013)

 - The Blues Rebels  (2013-2017)

Blues Artists I have performed with:

Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson, Bernard Allison, Billy Branch, Zora Young, Deitra Farr, King Earnest Baker, Paul deLay,Jimmy Johnson, Dave Specter  - and many others...

Israeli rock and pop artists I have performed or recorded with:

Yitzhak Klepter, Arkadi Duchin, Yahli Sobol, Shai Gavso, Shlomo Mizrachi, Danny Shushan, Iggy Waxman, Miki Gavrielov, Dafna Armoni - and many others

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Dov Hammer Plays and endorses Seydel harmonicas

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