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Official video clip of Dov Hammer's original song "Genuine". recorded live at Joyride" studio in Chicago, IL, in August 2023

Video by David Holcombe

Dov Hammer & the Chicago Blues allstars play Little Walter's song "Last night" live in the studio in Chicago , IL., August 2023

Video by David Holcombe

Dov Hammer & The Allstars perform Little Walter's "Last night", live at Shablul jazz club, Tel Aviv, April 2022

Dov Hammer & Assaf Rozov - "Black Flag" (official video clip made by Avi Barak, 2021)

Dov Hammer & The Allstars perform Bob Dylan's "Like a rolling stone", live at "Shablul jazz club", April 30th 2022

Dov Hammer & Blues power "Talking to myself" (official video clip made by Sarit Kleinman

Dov Hammer & Blues power (Yair Fine and Gil Katzir) play Dov Hammer's song "Butter on your bread" - lyrics and still photo video, 2020

Dov Hammer & The Allstars perform "Make it count", from the album "BlueSoul", live in the radio studio of Galei Tzahal (Israel army radio), 2019

Dov Hammer and the Blues rebels performing with Joe Louis Walker in Tel Aviv, 2013

Video clip of "I'm gone" (music & lyrics by Dov Hammer) from the album "BlueSoul". Clip produced by Sarit Kleinman

Video clip of "Everybody loves my baby" (music & lyrics by Dov Hammer, from the album "Voodoo land") performed by the Blues Rebels and Joe Louis Walker

CG & The Hammer perform "When you awake" (from the album "Something good  - the Memphis sessions" live in Tel Aviv, in 2013 -  with special guest Ori Beanstock on dobro

Dov Hammer (with Lazer Lloyd on guitar) performs "Secret smile" (lyrics by Dov Hammer, music by Dov Hammer & Ronnie Katz) live in the studio of Israel educational TV

Dov Hammer & the Blues Rebels performing with Lucky Peterson, Tel Aviv, 2012

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