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"Genuine" – a new song by Dov Hammer


 When I wrote "Genuine", it seemed to have a classic Chicago Blues flavor, like something in a Willie Dixon style. So when I was in Chicago in August 2023 , I decided to recruit the cream of  the windy city's Blues talent  to help me bring out that classic feel. I started with guitarist Dave Specter, one of Chicago's top Blues artists. Dave has played with Otis Clay, Jimmy Johnson and Son Seals, to name just a few, as well as releasing many great albums of his own. Dave produced the session, and brought that classic Blues guitar sound to it. The other musicians -  Marty Binder on drums (Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Albert Collins), Brother John Kattke on Piano (Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Toronzo Cannon) and Rodrigo Mantovani on upright bass (Nick Moss, Lurrie Bell) – comprised a virtual Allstar team of the best Chicago Blues players, and as a result this turned into one of the most enjoyable recording sessions I ever experienced. Add to that the wisdom and experience of Grammy award winning engineer Blaise Barton , who recorded, mixed and mastered the song at "Joyride" studios in Chicago Il., and here you have it – a Blues song I am truly proud to present to you.

"Genuine" speaks of the trouble, trials and rewards of being true to yourself in the face of social pressures, and following your dreams in an ever changing world.

I hope you enjoy it!

"Genuine" video clip (live in the studio)

Music and lyrics by Dov Hammer

Produced by Dave Specter and Dov Hammer

Recorded mixed and mastered by Blaise Barton at "Joyride" studio, Chicago, IL.

Dov Hammer - vocals and harmonica

Dave Specter -guitar

Marty Binder - drums

Rodrigo Mantovani - double bass

Brother John Kattke - piano

Video by David Holcombe (Soft Cage films)


Come on pretty baby take a walk with me

Down the back alley where nobody sees

All your life they told you you can’t win

But when I look in your eyes I see the fire within


I’m the real deal, this ain’t no show

When I sing these Blues you’ll know

I’m genuine


 Everybody’s talking , but few of them know

‘Cause talking is free, but silence is gold

I got no story, no jive and no spin

Comfortable living in my natural skin


Some got more money some got more fame

I make no false claims,

 I’m genuine

My father always told me choose your battles, son

The show ain’t over ‘till the fat lady’s sung

So I won’t fight ‘em if I can tell

That if I give enough rope they gonna hang themselves


I wrestled the angel until the dawn

I fought those demons ‘till they’ve gone 

back to hell 


When you see me coming don’t you make me wait

The night ain’t over but it’s getting late

We’re getting out of town, heading for the hills

Baby, take the key, and get behind the wheel


You’ve been around, seen ‘em come and go

You’ve seen enough to know 

I’m genuine

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