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The Critics RAVE!

"Dov Hammer  is a musician I like to hear every chance I get - electric blues with the raw energy & soul that makes my feet dance & my heart soar! An amazing, powerful voice, terrific originals & covers. Each show is exciting & makes me feel like I'm hearing music for the first time ever! - Ayellet Dekel “Midnight East” website (Israel) 2021

"Dov Hammer is a blues singer-songwriter and harmonica player with an exuberant, compelling stage presence. Blue Soul, his new solo album, is a journey through songs of experience, reflecting different musical influences, from Chicago Blues to hip hop. Surging with energy, the songs take the hard times and heartache and turn them into rhythms that get your body swaying. The lyrics tell of a mind and heart trying to take the rough days, the confusion and the beauty of this world and make sense of it all, and as Hammer’s song says: “Make it count.” Seeing Hammer perform live is something that must be experienced, watching him move with ease between harmonica and song is magical!" - Ayelet Dekel "Midnight east", 2019

"Dov Hammer is one tasty, albeit understated, harp player and songwriter who can hold his own with anyone. BlueSoul is modern blues at its best. "- Marty Gunther, "Blues blast magazine ", 2019

"Dov Hammer predominates with his metallic dark voice and tasteful
harmonica work. .... Songs that I think deserve an extra mention
are the swinging opener "Make It Count", the jazzy "Bad Luck Charm" and the very special "BlueSoul", in which Hammer raps the lyrics. Great CD, an absolute must."
- Eric Campfens, "Barn owl Blues", The Netherlands, 2019

"The album let us know Dov Hammer’s skills both blowing harmonica and on vocals. He easily moves with an amazing self-confidence in a variety of styles from Chicago to New Orleans blues, as well as from the more traditional acoustic blues to the new contemporary bluesy sounds. The recording gathers eleven Dov Hammer’s own compositions, where he has managed to surround himself with an excellent roster of musicians who back him with reliability to make him stand out and musically grow with an undeniable determination and a delightful good taste. VERY GOOD" - Vicente Zumel, Radio PICA, Barcelona, 2019

" Dov Hammer’s second solo album "Blue Soul" was worth the wait. This talented, less well-known musician, shows his technical musical qualities vocally and on harmonica in various styles. Only the best can do this!" - Rootstime magazine , Belgium , 2019

"Dov Hammer's "BlueSoul" is exactly what the title implies, solid, earthy blues with heavy doses of soul that is delivered with confidence and finesse from a masterful player, singer and songwriter that certainly knows his way around a good blues song. His deep and passionate vocals are at the fore and his stinging harmonica licks are stylish and throbbing. Add to that a solid rhythm section and you have a contemporary blues release that fires on all cylinders." - Memphis Marty, "The Blues music blog", 2019


"Onstage Dov Hammer is a captivating energy - bomb, and he manages to bring this excitement to the songs recorded in the studio....there is no "filler" on this album, where every song is precise and effective, but if I had to choose, the the sassy "Bad luck charm", the dark "Dance the Blues" and the title track "BlueSoul", which is a Rap-Blues, augmented by the warm voice of Naomi Jo Hammer (his daughter) are the ones you will find yourself humming like they are old friends....Dov Hammer's warm baritone voice, the sounds he gets from his harmonicas , and the guitar solos of Yair Fine, Gil Katzir, Danny Manor, Ori Beanstock and Assaf Rozov , are - to quote the title of track 4 - Magic!" - Reuven Bardach "Reciever"music blog , Israel. 2020

“ Hammer…creates real magic, and a true blues atmosphere…Hammer has obviously mastered the deep blues…but still retains a personal statement and his own style…and presents an excellent blues album…” - Geva Kera-Oz, ynet, 2004

"Dov Hammer is an artist be seen and not just heard. Dov sings and plays a harmonica with total body and soul. His love for the Blues is contagious, and his authentic performance immediately engages his audience in this passion.Seeing and hearing Dov perform is a moving and highly enjoyable experience " - Yehudit Vinegrad ,manager and producer of Jacob's Ladder folk festival.

"Dov Hammer’s harmonica roars and charges like his first name: “bear” in Hebrew…." - Blues Blast magazine 2015

“Smoldering and passionate performances… Hammer’s voice is akin to a young Gregg Allman, his emotive style of harp playing…make for a thoroughly authentic and satisfying experience .” - David Brinn “The Jerusalem Post”, 2006

"I enjoyed the lyrics, vocal delivery, and the band's overall sound.  Dov's harp is tasty and always well placed.…Dov Hammer's singing is heartfelt and moving. Impossible not to be drawn to his voice." – Pierre LaCocque "Mississippi Heat", 2015

"Songs like the title track, ‘Good Enough’, ‘Well Run Dry’ and ‘Everybody Loves My Baby’ (which features Joe Louis Walker) grab you first time around.  The band are good, and the harmonica playing is still of the highest order." - Stuart Hamilton "The Rocker" (UK), 2016

"Hammer, and his fellow Rebels make magic in Voodoo Land! " - “Blues Blast” magazine, Sept.8 2016

“Dov Hammer is a master harmonica player…very authentic and exciting Blues…rivaling anything you’ll find here in Chicago” – Peter Krampert, Author of “The encyclopedia of the Harmonica”, 2004


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