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CDs can be ordered directly from Dov Hammer

- just send an email to , stating which discs and a mailing address, and we will reply with payment instructions (via PayPal)


Talking to myself (2021)

Black flag (2021)

Butter on your bread (2020)

Solo Albums

BlueSoul (2019)

Going Deep (2004)

With previous bands

The Blues Rebels

The Daily Blues

Open road (2015)

Voodoo land (2016)

open road cover.jpg
Voodoo land_Single_1400x1400.JPG

Trouble (1998)

Daily Blues Front cover.JPG

CG & The Hammer

Feels like home (2002)

Out of print! Only downloads available

Blues heaven (2008)

Live in Tel Aviv (2010)

Something good - the Memphis sessions (2013)

feels like home cover.jpg
LIve in TA cover.jpg
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